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Featured Learning Opportunities:

Honoring our common differences: creating inclusive organizations
In an inclusive organization, all people, including people of diverse social and cultural groups, experience uncompromising respect and dignity. Such organizations value and actively encourage multiple experiences and perspectives, creating a positive, collaborative environment where people can be themselves and contribute their best work. This one-day workshop creates a safe forum for self-reflection and dialogue about inclusivity.
Facilitating by Heart series
This five-part series teaches team leaders, committee chairs, supervisors, and other group leaders the facilitation skills and tools to support groups in working productively and collaboratively while honoring all the voices of the group.
Listening for a change
Whether you are facilitating a discussion among colleagues at work, members of a faith community, family members, or fellow citizens, this two-day workshop supports you in learning the skills and tools to be able to listen deeply to others and to have the courage to speak your truth.
How to Lead Effective Meetings
On-line resource designed to provide immediate assistance for dealing with common meeting problems and making improvements in meeting planning, decision-making and follow-up. Includes audio.
Healthy boundaries in the workplace
To manage effectively, you must define boundaries and recognize potential role conflicts and enabling behaviors in the workplace. This workshop helps you understand how to remain clear when dealing with complex and sensitive employee situations, clarify the responsibilities of those involved, and hold others accountable for their performance.
Ignite Your Job Interview
Do you know how to answer the tough interview questions, navigate a group interview, and best handle phone interviews? Get the inside information to really shine in interviews. We will go over the best practices for interviewing, get some insight into what employers are really asking, and learn the magic formula for answering any question.
Executive Education Grants
The UW-Madison Executive Education program in the School of Business will offer five single course enrollments as a contribution to Academic Staff professional development. Any member of the UW-Madison campus academic staff is eligible to apply. Successful applicants will benefit from single course registration fee of $50.
Cross-cultural health-care case studies: self-study course
Cross-cultural health-care case studies: self-study course Explore the importance of culturally competent care through case studies. This series of five tutorials on cultural competence familiarizes health-care providers with common issues that arise when working with people of diverse cultures.

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